Utilizing Analytics and AI in Performance Management

June 26, 2024

In today's customer-centric business environment, contact centers are crucial touchpoints between companies and their customers. Ensuring high performance and efficiency is essential, and Afni leverages analytics and AI to drive behaviors that enhance the customer experience. By going beyond traditional methods to understand customers and the true reasons for their contact, we gain meaningful insights that help our partners improve.

Afni’s Right Performance Management (RPM) platform features an intuitive user interface and serves as a centralized source for all performance management forms across our global operations. By seamlessly integrating with our analytics and AI capabilities, we delve into data to provide leaders with deeper performance insights, root causes, and recommended Next Best Action (NBA) coaching focus. NBA is critical in streamlining and optimizing the coaching and development process to improve agent performance.


Enhancing Performance through NBA Coaching

Afni’s Enterprise Intelligence Services team combines data from call drivers, speech analytics, and CX observations to identify the most significant opportunities for improvement across three core program metrics. At the individual agent level, AI automation uses this data to generate NBA coaching recommendations, accompanied by relevant call recordings, which are evaluated in the RPM platform. Coaches tailor their sessions to specific behaviors, providing agents with objective and impactful recommendations to enhance their performance.

To ensure coaching efforts are both efficient and effective, we incorporate a collaborative feedback loop into the overall process. Coaches rate the NBA recommendations and recorded calls for relevance and alignment, while agents rate the quality and effectiveness of the coaching received. Early results indicate a positive trend:

By utilizing the latest technology to analyze root causes and provide coaches with a clear path to agent success, Afni optimizes the customer experience and is well-positioned to significantly enhance our contact center operations.


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