Maximize the Value of Policyholder Relationships

Insurance companies know that the total customer experience matters to retain and grow policyholder relationships. Our connections with policyholders – at each stage of the customer lifecycle – make a positive and lasting impact on lifetime loyalty. Our licensed and non-licensed agents create exceptional policyholder experiences.

One contact at a time.

From licensed sales, care, and billing support to full subrogation management and premium collections, we help insurance companies get more from policyholder relationships and their own operational processes.

An Afni solution is perfect if you need to:

  • Create exceptional policyholder experiences.
  • Find new policyholders and retain the ones you have.
  • Manage inquiries from your field agent force.
  • Improve net recovery of subrogation and outstanding premium dollars.
  • Reduce your operating costs with greater results.
  • Protect your brand equity and strengthen loyalties.
  • Increase market share and outsmart the competition.

Insurance Subrogation Solutions

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