Environmental Responsibility Policy

Promotion of Sustainable Consumption Policy

Materials, Chemicals, and Waste Policy

Afni uses environmentally-friendly cleaning chemicals, paper shredding/recycling, cardboard recycling, electronic recycling, reuse of shipping containers and packing materials, low energy light bulbs, carpet 100% recyclable, high efficiency glass at one of our facilities, light motion sensors in many rooms across Afni facilities, use of LED lights, recycle used light bulbs, and single stream recycling.

We partner with vendors to offer a toner and battery disposal/recycling program in Illinois.

Water Conservation Policy

At Afni, we are committed to sustainable practices. Our policies include using low-flow toilets and automatic low-flow sink faucets to minimize water usage. During renovations, we install water-efficient fixtures to replace outdated ones. Our facilities feature touch-free soap dispensers that promote hygiene without waste, and we use environmentally-friendly soap to reduce our ecological footprint. Additionally, Afni employs environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies to maintain a clean and healthy environment. For irrigation, we utilize reclaimed water, contributing to water conservation efforts. Together, we strive to create a more sustainable and responsible workplace.

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