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In today’s dynamic and increasingly complex insurance space, insurers are focused on improving policyholder experiences, optimizing business process, and adding value to your bottom line. We exist to partner and help solve these modern challenges while protecting your brand.

Our Goal

Ultimately, our goal is to help insurers go beyond the traditional transactional model and foster meaningful relationships with customers, while streamlining processes and improving efficiency. We offer three core pillars of service to support this goal.

Subrogation Expertise

When it comes to subrogation, we stand as the industry's foremost authority. Our team of highly skilled professionals possesses in-depth knowledge and decades of experience in managing subrogation processes for clients across the board. Our unrivaled expertise spans personal and commercial lines in auto and property insurance for a total end-to-end or partial outsourcing of subrogation files. Whether you need help with carrier-to-carrier negotiations, arbitration filings, uninsured recovery, or more, we’ve got you covered.

Carrier-to-Carrier Negotiations

Success in the carrier-to-carrier space requires more than experience in insurance or claims. It requires specialists with sharp negotiation skills, incented to reach recovery goals, and backed by the best technology, tools, and support. Success requires focus and expertise.

The ability to easily extend beyond your current constraints enables you to navigate through the ebbs and flows of your inventory without sacrificing results or adding staff to your payroll. At Afni, carrier-to-carrier work is a core business solution. Our partners count on us to exceed expectations and improve their business. We built a subrogation infrastructure that flexes to client need and helps us deliver outstanding results, portfolio insights, and true partnership. 

Arbitration Authoring

Across the industry, arbitration volume keeps rising. Many arbitration teams struggle to keep pace, at least successfully. Cycle times increase, work backs up, and results suffer. Afni can help. With our tenured team of authors and a dedicated arbitration support team, we are ready to deliver better performance across your arbitration portfolio. Applicant, respondent, counter/response. Afni will clear your backlogs and improve your win rates – quickly.

Uninsured Recovery

Our insurance industry experience, combined with our deep history in collections, creates a distinctive environment for maximizing uninsured recoveries. With professional collectors trained to listen and negotiate, we apply advanced treatment strategies designed to generate unique right-party contacts and convert them to payers. The result for you? More dollars to your bottom line. Rest assured, we leave no stone unturned in maximizing your potential subrogation recoveries, ensuring you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Markets We Serve
  • Auto Insurers
  • Property Insurers
  • Workers' Comp Insurers
  • Self-Insureds
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Rental & Fleets
  • Energy & Utilities


Seamless Claims Handling

We recognize that efficient claims handling directly impacts customer satisfaction and ultimately, your bottom line. Our comprehensive claims services include back office transactional and decisioning support, non-customer and customer contact management, first notice of loss administration, low complexity claim resolution, and premium collections.

Back Office

Well defined, repeatable processes with minimal variation, available 24/7 from any geo
  • Document Management
  • Invoice Review & Approval
  • Payment Processing
  • Litigation Support

Back Office

Processing functions, varying complexity and low decision making, with clear escalation pathways
  • Exception Handling
  • Appointment Setting
  • Centralized Licensing
  • Compliance and Auditing

Voice / Back Office

Negotiation and recovery of subrogation and premium dollars from carriers and customers
  • Full/Partial Outsource
  • Demand Packaging
  • Premium Collections
  • Champion Challenger

Voice/ Chat

Internal Support
Support of and service to internal constituents: agencies, employees, vendors, TPCs, State Agencies
  • Salvage Title Procurement
  • Lienholder Payoff/Payment
  • New Claim Set Up
  • Vendor Support & Dispatch

Voice/ Chat

Customer Support
Customer contact and support for incoming and outgoing interactions to resolve customer and claim needs
  • First Notice of Loss (FNOL)
  • Agent / Customer Care
  • Outbound Claim Resolution
  • Champion Challenger

Voice/ Chat

Claim Handling
Entry level handling of non-complex loss types with prescriptive steps for resolution and routing
  • Low Complex Claims
  • Single Car Losses
  • Glass Handling
  • Roadside Assistance

Reliable Contact Center Services

With our multi-channel contact center services, your customers are met with superior support from trained professionals who possess intricate knowledge of your products and services. Our team members support each stage of the customer lifecycle from licensed sales to customer service and lifetime loyalty.

Grow your customer base.

Our licensed sales representatives are trained to consult with your customers on their insurance needs, right fit them into a policy, sell the benefits of becoming a customer, and close the sale. When we listen and ensure a smooth process, your customers have the peace of mind and will keep coming back for more.

Give them reasons to stay.

When your customers have a question about a policy, need to pay their bill, or want more information, we go the extra mile to make it the best part of their day. We help solve their problems, educate on self-serving options, identify additional needs, and build long-lasting relationships.

Your agents are busy. We get it, and we can help them too.

We act as a resource center to support agents writing new business and servicing existing policies. Whether it’s researching an issue, assisting with a system challenge, or resolving a coverage or billing question, we take it off your agents’ hands so they can focus on serving your policyholders.

Partnering with Afni means embracing a future of excellence, efficiency, and customer-centricity. Our unwavering dedication to providing top-tier subrogation, claims handling, and call center services propels your company towards better success rates, improved customer satisfaction, and increased profitability.

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